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It's not all about print! We pay close attention to our online presence, especially on Facebook. Facebook has specific algorithms to determine what people see and what they don't and our marketing team works to stay on top of creating and posting content that will keep eyes on our page. For sellers, that means that more people will see your property, more frequently than they would on many other pages.

In addition to our excellent view numbers from the content we post, we're one of the only teams or agencies locally who is running paid advertising. We run ads for our team in general, but most of our paid advertising is property specific, and often has view results over 3,000-4,000+ per ad in only a few days.

We keep our page personable. You will not see canned, pre-made content from a marketing bot. We are constantly looking at the best ways to feature properties, but also keep our audience engaged. Our Facebook Page is a place for us to connect with our community, and we believe that's why it continues to grow in popularity.

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