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It's not all about print! We pay close attention to our online presence, especially on Facebook. Below, you'll see a selection of our recent posts and the number of people we reach per post (on a "quiet" month with no paid ads). We have roughly 2 to 4 times the number of engaged page followers as most other local teams/individual agents, and we only launched our team 2 years ago. Last year through paid Facebook advertising, we appeared on 124,000 screens, and we are scaling that significantly this year. When we advertise a specific home, we've seen ad views of up to 5,000 per week—that's targeted local potential customers, not just random folks.

We keep our page personable. You will not see canned, premade content from a marketing bot. It's a place for us to connect with our community, and we believe that's why it continues to grow in popularity.

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